Monthly Archives: December 2010

Gypsy Earrings

These are like little shell chandeliers, gypsy style!


Paua Ring

This is my favourite ring as of yet, because of the way the paua shell  looks so much like the reflection of water. I have wrapped it in wire quite simply, so that the focus is still on the shell. The shape of the shell piece is oversized and unusual, but I have kept it that way in order to keep its rough beauty.

Pearl and Coral…

Here are two sets of studs, both  their feature stones wrapped in silver wire. The pearl studs are an elegant version of normal pearl earrings, and the coral studs are a punch of colour.There are so many options with these earrings. Almost any medium sized beads can be used for these, so the possibilities are endless!

Sweet Little Thing

This ring is a bit more elegant than my usual style, and is quite chic. A crystal between two pearls are encased in gold wire to create this petite ring. It is an experiment of my wrapped rings, using the same principle, but with three smaller beads.

A Bunch of Bracelets

By far the  funnest way to add some jewellery to an outfit is with a collection of unique bracelets. Each of these bracelets are a reminder of the beach, as they reflect things like water, shells, and driftwood.


This is the most recent modification of this beach charm necklace that I have made. I have made some with less charms as well as some with longer hanging charms, but this one I believe, is the best. The shell pieces hanging off the necklace form a cluster around the neck which can be worn anywhere, especially summer gatherings!

Wrapped Rings

Any signature bead can be used for these rings, by using wire wrapping to anchor the bead in the ring. These are my personal favorites and I have made many before. Another great thing about them is that they can be worn in multiples, by mixing and matching two or more on one finger. Heres a few I photographed for you!